Cold Hard Statistics

In the United States alone...

1.37 Million babies are aborted each year

3,700 babies are aborted in one day
52% of the mothers who get abortions are younger than 25 years old.

60% of mothers who get abortions are white/caucasian

However, Blacks/African Americans, are 3 times more likely to have an abortion

64% of mothers who receive abortions are not married or have ever been married
Protestants account for 37.4% of abortions

Catholics account for 31.3% of abortions

Non Religious Americans make up 23% of abortions

Jewish only 1.3% of abortions

Born Again/Evangelical make up 18%
1% is reported due to rape
93% is due to social reasons

43% of women will have one abortion by the time they are 45

Characteristics that define Life

According to most biologists, for something to be "alive" it has to have all, or MOST of the following characteristics. Some biologist's lists are slightly different, but these are the most agreed upon traits.

1. Made of Cells.

2. Grow and Develop

3. Take in energy, and produce energy or waste

4. Take in Oxygen

5. Sense and respond to environment

6.Maintain Homeostasis (perfect balance and ideal internal "happiness" to grow and live)

7. Adapt and evolve

8. Reproduce and Display Heredity (reproduction of cells and DNA)

A baby at any stage in pregnancy is....

--made of cells
--grows and develops
--takes in energy from the mother through the embelical    cord
--takes in oxygen from the mother
--maintains homeostasis
--displays heredity (DNA)
--can sense and respond to environment
..and has the make up to one day reproduce.

Physical Dangers of Abortion
(to the mother)

1. Bladder Perforation

2. Uterus Perforation

3.bowel injury/ leads to permanant colostomy

4. Breast Cancer

5.Ectopic Pregnancy

6. Future babies have a higher chance of being premature

7. Hemorrage


9. Infection

10. Laceration of the Cervix

11. Future Miscarriages

12. Failed Abortion/ where the baby will survive usually with defects
        or will survie and be let to die later

13. Retained products or peices of the baby/ leads to infections and surgury

14. Sterility of the mother