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"What I did was wrong. Not knowing what my child will look like eats a part of me every day. I don't cry, I can't cry because its too late. I made that choice and now this is the torment I live with day after day. I will regret that decision for the rest of my life. I will never be the same person again. I have changed. If I could turn back the hands of time I would have NEVER had that ABORTION. I killed my own child...an innocent child and I hate my self for it. I wish someone could take this pain away from me...but the truth is no-one can. This life is a test, and I failed it. I see myself as a murderer. a murderer who doesn't kill evil people...a murderer who kills innocent lives....a baby's life. Thats what I'll see for the rest of my life." Zara

At age 34, I had an abortion. I loved my baby and I wanted to keep my baby. I was happy to be looking forward to being a mother. Yet, those I loved the most convinced me that abortion was best for the baby and best for me. "I was crazy to want that child," they said. I went to my second appointment thinking that I would not go through with it. When I awoke, it was all over. In the days that followed, I moaned and groaned in my sleep, I lost weight, my sanity, chain smoked and slept with a razor that I didn't have the courage to use. I was convinced that I was now forced to live in a world without God. I don't know how or when it happened. but slowly the Lord Jesus brought me to Himself. I wanted to end my life but He wanted to give me a richer, fuller life. For God "has forgiven us all our transgressions..." Colossians 2:13 Mary

"When I became pregnant with my second child the doctor wanted me to have an abortion. He said that one or both of us would die. I wanted this child so I decided to trust God that He would work it out like He wanted to. I developed a tumor outside the uterus and things did not look good for carrying the baby to full term. After my church prayed for me, they could not find the tumor. I had an uneventful pregnancy after this and delivered a healthy beautiful baby girl. She is seventeen now, an honor student and a gifted musician. When I think she could have ended in an abortionist's pail I thank God I had the faith to follow God's plan." Michelle. "Call upon Me and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things which you do not know." Jeremiah 33:3.

"Last month I made the worst mistake of my life. I had always been pro-choice, but I never thought I would have an abortion. I felt so alone. The doctors were in such a rush to get things done, and everyone was so robotic. I remember sitting in the waiting room when they called my name and I took this deep breath, and told my baby goodbye. I prayed that he/she would forgive me. The pain was horrible. All I could do was cry. I felt so empty. My boyfriend left that day and I havent seen him since. I still cry myself to sleep. I know the impact of having on abortion, and it was the hardest thing I ever had to do. If you can relate to my story and need to talk then email me." Ashley "

source: www.heinvites.org

I was 17years old when I became pregnant with Alannah. I was raised pro-life and agreed whole heartedly. I was supported by my mother & family.  However friends had other opinions. It wasn't a decision to have my child....It was already going to happen . I entered into to my senior year, took extra classes to ensure I would graduate and had a home tutor for my recovery time after I had my child. I endured many comments from a single male teacher at my school who taught my humanities class. He did not agree with my putting the whole school through my pregnancy, or my being allowed to graduate since I had to miss more than the allotted absences due to my baby. But through it all I graduated with my two month old daughter there to share the experience with me. I never planned to have a child so young, but when I look at her now, she is such a gift.   She's a vibrant, advanced, thriving 5 year old, whom I couldn't imagine ever living without.  As for my friends, I no longer speak to the ones who didn't support me.   My best friend who was pregnant at the same time as me, and terminated her pregnancy, has never forgiven herself and lives in regret, especially when she sees my daughter.

On June 3rd 1999 we were told through ultrasound that our son Noah Michael had a rare brain disorder.  Numerous doctors told us that our son would never make it through birth and that if he did he would die very soon afterwards.  Some doctors told us that abortion was the best option  or all involved including the child.  Once we told the doctor that we did not believe in abortion they were very distant in the the visits my wife and I made to their offices.  One doctor told us that our son had a condition that was not compatible with life and aborting him would save him lots of pain.  Our son was born October 18th full term crying his head off.  While he had problems he survived for 10 months.  We just buried him on August 23, 2000 and must say that my son's life was a joyful experience that many people would have missed out on if we had aborted him.  He touched many people in his life time and will be remembered for years to come by lots of people.


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