What You Can Do


All aborted children never even knew their names. YOU can name a "missing" child and their name will be posted on a memorial for the unborn.

Just click on  the link below to give dignity to the unborn umong us.



Things YOU can do to help end abortion!

1. Read! Get informed about just what abortion means for the life of the baby and the life of the mother. Don't be ignorant to the facts. Be informed so you can explain your stance to others.

2. Wear it! Wear precious feet pins or pro-life t-shirts to witness the right of life message. Even put bumper stickers on your car. You would not believe how many people DO see your message this way.

3. Get Involved! Participate in pro-life activites and groups. One voice can save a life!

4. Mourn! Fly the flag at half mast in mourning and rememberance of the aborted.

5. Tell a friend! Spread the message through e-mail signatures. Put up posters or flyers.

6. Show it! show pictures of aborted children wherever you can. America needs to see what it is doing to it's children, it's future.

7.Take action! Start a pro-life group. Or become a member of an organization. Or join pro-life websites like this one!

8. Counsel! If you know of a scared mother, talk to her about saving her baby's

9. Donate! Give to organizations that work to end abortion.

10. PRAY! Pray that this evil be stopped. Put prayer intentions in the prayer vase in your church. Offer Masses for the aborted. Pray the Rosary for the unborn. Pray in front of the "clinics" and ask others to pray with you.

Every voice makes a difference. Together we can end abortion.


Spread the Pro-Life Message and help support the cause!
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E-Mail Congress Now! Let them know your stance. Help End Abortion!

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