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"You shall not kill." (Exodus 20:13)
"if you hold back from rescuing those taken away to death, those who go staggering to the slaughter, if you say 'Look, we did not know this' does not he who weights the heart preceive it?" (Proverbs 24:11)


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"I want the general public to know what the doctors know - that this is a person, this is a baby. That this is not some kind of blob of tissue."    
Dr. Anthony Levantino
Blessed Virgin Mary with the Christ Child
"Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves." (Proverbs 31:8)

"What an irony that a society confronted with plastic bags filled with the remains of aborted babies should be more concerned about the problem of recycling the plastic"... - Winifred Egan

"`Fetal tissue' implants are not that much different from Nazi lamp shades made of Jewish skin. Both intend to put by-products of murder to `good use. - David Kupelian and Mark Masters, journalists

The New Morality
by "Mary"

You didn't make it, Unborn Child.
They wouldn't let you be.
To your bud of life, they took a knife.
It's the "New Morality."
They didn't mean to hurt you, Love!
You have to understand.
Forgive them for what they did.
Their life was so well-planned.
They couldn't take you with them
up the ladder of success.
Money meant more to them
than a child, heaven-blessed.
Tell me, little Unborn Child,
what did the Creator say?
Did He wrap you in His love,
and wipe your tears away?
You hover on the edge of time.
I see your faceless form.
You laugh whenever children play,
Oh, God, for you I mourn!
He sent His only Precious Son
to teach us all "the Way".
Still, we kill the unborn ones,
It happens every day!
You didn't make it, Unborn Child.
They wouldn't let you be.
They just expelled a blob of cells.
It's the "New Morality."

Warning! Extremely Graphic Nature
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